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New game and new Soapbox

I worked today, the theory being that the last Sunday before Christmas would be a big day for sales. It was alright, I sold enough stuff to pay for my having been there but not enough for us to make Sunday a regular shift.

The shift did give me time to work on my latest, and possibly last Soapbox style article for the Phoenix. I was prompted by a submission to the A&E section that is basically a Soapbox article written by two girls. The difference is that they've decided self deprecation is for the dogs. Sample line, "I had been shot down for FRIENDSHIP by a guy I didn’t even think was sexy". Which begs the questions, umm... okay and is your caps lock key stuck?

Anyway there's actually a few instances where if they were to become rich and famous off the article I'd have a good plagiarism lawsuit. Such as their idea for name-tags to let people know who is single, dating, gay, straight and so on, which seems similar to an article I wrote about people wearing buttons to let people know who is single, dating, gay, straight and so on.

After work I went and bought Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II for XBox. I played for about 7 hours and then the game froze. Now the disc won't load, though the XBox can handle other games fine. So I'll go into Future Shop tomorrow to get a new disc.

A poor analogy to Vietnam

A comfortable silence