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And so I go speed dating

Writing a column about not having a girlfriend taught me a few things. First off it taught me that everyone loves a good joke about how poorly I do with the women. Secondly it taught me that there are an awful lot of single people out there who just cannot seem to meet the right person.

You don’t have to tell me that it’s hard; I wrote the articles about it. Now though there is a new way for single people to meet other single people without having to hang around in bars or anonymously send girls their OC fan fiction. It’s called speed dating and a local company hopes that it’ll be the next big thing for helping people meet people.

“Basically speed dating is a fun trendy way to meet new people,” explains Meadow Gilbert of Enteraction Events, a local company that’s bringing speed dating to the Kelowna singles scene.

Trendy indeed. Even before I’d seen Enteraction Events’ posters up around campus I’d heard of speed dating on CBC Newsworld as a way for members of the Jewish community to meet other Jews in mainly gentile cities. It’s also been featured on Oprah and 20/20 as the newest trend in dating. I had been wanting to try it out for sometime, and Enteraction Events were nice enough to waive the normal $30 entrance fee (there are discounts for OUC students) so that I could give it a go.

Already popular in larger cities throughout Canada speed dating has been a success for Enteraction Events here as well. Already they’ve held over a dozen events.

Gilbert described the events as “musical chairs for adults”. Which made me sad since I was the first one caught standing when “Pop Goes The Weasel” stopped playing. I decided to brave on and go anyway. Held at the Keg the event I attended brought together singles aged 20-35.

I arrived right at seven, and was given a number and told to sit at a certain table. At the table was a woman with the same number. We were to sit and talk for six minutes until the organizers rang a bell at which time all the men stood up and moved onto the next table. And so on for two and a half hours. At the end of the night I had to mark down who I wanted to meet again on a sheet of paper. If the women I wanted to see had indicated that they wanted to see me as well then Enteraction Events would give us each the email address of the other person.

Simple right? Well actually despite my reservations it turned out to be just that simple. Sit down, talk, get up, sit down, talk and on and on and on. After the first two people I stopped being nervous. By the end I had perfected a two-minute summation of who I was and why I’m as desirable as Ben Affleck. It’s not so much like the fast food of dating, but rather like the food court with options laid out before you.

There are still a few problems. 20-35 is too large of an age range for most people. With one exception I was younger than any of the women at the event. While often a few years doesn’t make a difference I have nothing in common with a woman ten years older than me with a kid and a career. Nor, I imagine, do they have much interest in a 25 year old who is still totally unclear about what he is going to be doing with his life, and thinks that moving to San Francisco is and writing about video games is a valid option.

Having said that the evening was fun, and speed dating has been successful for several people. A friend of my parents is now engaged to a woman he met at a speed dating event. And the more people in the college age group that registers, the narrower the age range will get.

For more information about speed dating in Kelowna visit Enteraction Events on the internet.

10 Facts I revealed about myself while speed dating:

- I am a student

- I have lived in France

- I like movies

- I have no kids and no divorces

- I once helped to bankrupt a national student magazine

- No I haven’t seen that film with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock

- I make money writing about video games

- Yes six years is a long time to do a 4 year degree

- I live with two guys, but we rarely hug and never in that special way

- I like dogs more than cats

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