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On October 20th Vote Jeffery Simpson for White Rock City Council.


We have been waiting on a telephone call. While that has been going on we have been watching the Daily Show With Jon Stewart and blogging in the third person. We have also been making a playlist in iTunes with Christmas music, hopefully one that will not make people vomit. If we can arrange about an hour of Christmas music that only makes people gag it will be a triumph of Brad Pitt's movie career proportions. We are standing at the bar, typing into our Powerbook and listening to an audio book.

We laughed at jokes about Paul Martin made by Jon Stewart. We are still waiting for that telephone call. We are a needy son of a bitch. Give us your laughter, give us your love. Floss your teeth and comb your hair. We will go from the hot guy to the cancelled guy. We will blog in the third person.

Being awesome / Being single

If you didn't hate me, we'd never talk