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If you didn't hate me, we'd never talk

I spoke with Nathan at lunch, he apparently has seen Mr. Aaron Peck at UBC and Aaron's back in Vancouver.  I had been thinking of phoning Aaron's parents to try to get a contact number in Toronto for him, but since Nathan now has that and an email address for him I've just got to work on Carter.  Carter of course wants something in return, though I roughly told him that I don't negotiate with terrorists, and thus I've yet to recieve it.


However we did also speak of movies with Nathan wondering if I'd seen Napoleon Dynamite, and me saying that no I had not.  I then asked him if he'd seen the even more enjoyable Garden State.  He had not, and from his reaction as I related the scene where Natalie Portman burries a hampster it seems that he may never.  Which is probably for the best as he's married now apparently and the last thing he needs to do is fall in love with Natalie Portman (or at least her character in the movie).

Meanwhile the chance of me spending the night alone in a bathtub watching season 7 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is increasing by the minute.  I wasn't able to get in touch with Melissa last night by calling the theatre, and I can't seem to get her (or anyone else) at her home number.  Their answering machine also either has no outgoing message or has died.  I thought I may have screwed the number up while syncing my phone with Outlook but a quick check on 411.ca confirmed that I have in fact been calling the right number.  A method I tried to use on Nathan Carter just now to get his home address, to no avail.

The third man

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