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I'm thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images

Poliostamp Work is dragging.  It hasn't been bad today, but it's 3:25 and I'm already looking for a way to justify going home.  If I don't take my lunch...  I'll probably stick out for about hour and then leave unless something exciting happens.  What could possibly qualify as exciting?  Well another murder out back, another armed robbery at the drug store next door both would be interesting.  A very beautiful woman who wanted me for my body would also be interesting, though not particularly a good motivator to stay on the sales floor.

Right now my iPod is treating us all to the Postal Service's album.  "The District Sleeps Tonight" is the track that's currently filling our heads with dance-dance-indie-beats.  Upon recieving one more package from Amazon I'll have completed my Christmas shopping.  It'll be exciting, like the time I flipped the bus on the band trip, except not made up.  My last Christmas gift will be coming via Canada Post, our nation's postal service.

Speaking of postal services...

Sinn Fein begins its postal service
15 December 2004

Sinn Fein has launched its annual Christmas postal service in Londonderry.

The postal service will run until next Monday with stamps available at a reduced cost of 15p.

Urging people to take up the postal service, Councillor Hassan said: "Derry Sinn Fein have run a postal service over the Christmas period since 1975 and it has become a traditional part of the Republican calendar in the city.

"This has involved local post being delivered through the Sinn Fein structures across the city at a fraction of the price of normal stamps."

He added: "As the oldest political party in Ireland, the theme of the stamp this year will be celebrating 100 years of Sinn Fein history and can be purchased from the local Sinn Fein centres."

Pretty girls make graves

versus Bayern