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I haven't been able to get to sleep. Crap. If only there was something useful I could be doing right now. Like driving to Vernon to buy my comics, but it's doubtful that the comic book store is going to be open at 4:30 am.


Which leaves me just laying in bed thinking about buying a new computer. I had been intending on buying an iMac G5 at some point this year, but I think I've decided against it. Instead I'm going to wait for the next generation of Powerbooks to be released and then get either a 15" or a 17". I'm thinking of the 17" just to be real different than my current 12" model. However the trouble with that is that it'll be much bigger and heavier, where as the 15" might be a nice compromise between having a larger screen for layout and graphics and being portable.

Either way it'll be well into 2005 before Apple gets to the next generation of portables. Apparently getting the G5 chip into a laptop has proven to be really difficult, mainly due to cooling issues. So I'm not holding my breath, because I'd die after about three minutes.

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