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Love song to the Who

It's become a habit of mine, a bad habit I should add, to wake up at like midnight or one in the morning and then not go back to sleep until three or four. It sucks because it wears me out and makes it so I'm dead tired during the day. Though it does give me time to do a lot of web stuff that I normally wouldn't do during the day.

After a night of updating my Cuba photo album on the blog here I'm going to try to turn in shortly. Just as soon as I finish downloading the four songs from the free New York show U2 played last month. They're currently on the Canadian iTunes store. Judging from what I've heard of All Because of You (which U2 introduces as a love song to the Who) the songs are going to shape up live much better than they do on the record. Which is classic U2.

Currently playing in iTunes: Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own by U2


New Cuba photos