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Today I worked with Cass. Like any Saturday it was slow, the only reason I had scheduled two people was it was one two days he was available to work this week and the idea is that it's supposed to be busier in the retail industry as it nears Christmas. This is turning out to be a work of fiction as grounded in reality as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, though nowhere as amusing. The only thing that made the shift worth even showing up for was the fact that between us we managed three hardware upgrades and at the last minute a couple of customers who had come in at the start of the day returned and activated a three phone family plan with me. So it wasn't a bad Saturday, though certainly not the sort of numbers you want to be seeing during the last run at Christmas.

The general slowness of the middle part of the shift allowed me sometime to get my schooling figured out for the next semester. As of this entry, and with a few weeks of potential tweaking left to do, I'm enrolled in three courses starting in January, all of which take place on Tuesday and Thursday. Since I'm hoping that it's unlikely that either Cass or Sean are going to quit to move to Toronto or get jobs with Revenue Canada I'm banking on actually going to this semester of university and finishing my Goddamn degree. Though I will note as a back up I did also indicate that I would be re-enrolling next year in the new University of British Columbia - Okanagan, just to cover all my bases.

As for shopping I'm pretty much done my family. I probably should get Neal one more thing, which is hard because all he really wants is furniture and an out of print DVD that isn't even available with region 1 encoding. His insistence in never ever reading a book, and his continued chagrin at being given them as gifts, makes it hard to do his shopping via Amazon. My mother basically picked out her own gift, which Neal and I are splitting the cost for. I should probably also get one more thing for my father, though I'm not yet sure what that's going to be.

If anyone has any ideas let me know.

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