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No iTunes for you, eh?

So I spent a lot of yesterday constantly checking iTunes to see if Apple had finally launched the Canadian iTunes store.  Already open in the US and most of the main Western European nations, the iTunes music store is the dope nose of online music stores.  I've used the American one several times, and I was anxiously awaiting it's opening in Canada.  Not having to buy a physical CD is now a good thing in my books.

However they missed their announced November opening, and as of today are now late as Hell.  I can't find any new information on the internet about whether they were just late or they had to move the opening back a few weeks or what.  The only thing I've been able to find was an aritcle from the Vancovuer Sun.

On Monday, at Apple in Toronto -- where company representative Simon Atkins said he had "no new information to provide" -- and at corporate headquarters in Cupertino, California, which did not respond to requests for comment, there were no loose lips.

But rumours persisted on the Internet that the service could be available as early as this morning.

But they're not online as of yet.  The main slow down in opening the store in other countries has been negotiating deals between Apple and the record labels.  Apple has a set of rules about how they'll sell music and sometimes it takes record labels a little bit to come around to that way of thinking.  They sell individual tracks for a set price (99 cents in the US) and albums mostly at a set price ($9.99 in the US).  Some bands don't want single songs sold, as they claim it disrupts the flow of an album.  (Radiohead are in this group, though they do sell singles and remixes which one would suspect disrupts an album flow).

iTunes, ahoy!

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