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New watch strap day

I bought a new watch strap, a number of comics, some Wayne Gretzky McFarlane figures and a few pairs of shorts. The shorts are the only ones I could find at the Bay in November so they'll all the long shorts favoured by basketball players and Graham Taylor.

We are about ten minutes into our trip to Cuba and my parents are already starting to freak me out. Once again the moment we're on vacation apparently I revert to being 11 and forget everything I know about everything. Now granted this time I don't speak the native language, whereas on the last trip I could throw down with some Francaphone bizz. Spanish, well I do not know the Spanish.

At my mother's insistance my Powerbook is staying home this time, as is my cell. It seems doubtful that the resort has the Internet, since apparently 825 mhz of OSX power is enough to over throw Castro. In classic fashion my mother found one story of someone getting their cell phone taken by Cuban customs and she's convinced that we're going to get striped searched or something.

I am taking my iPod, several books (including books for my correspondance course) and my new Canon Digital Elph. Plus the extra large basketball shorts, an ugly pair of sandles my parents forced on me and a power converter.

I'll be taking two note books, so even if I'm not blogging, I'll keep a record and report back when I return.

Take care.

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