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Your dictatorship

I have been to two republics (France and the United States of America) and four constitutional monarchies (Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand) and this week I am going to add one communist dictatorship to that list (Cuba).  It will, I imagine, be quite exciting.  Though from what I gather rather than spending quality time in Havana or around the Cuban countryside, I'll be lodged in a resort in the middle of nowhere designed for Canadians on holidays and those who want a Mexico style all-in-one holiday package without actually going to Mexico.

This is my last shift before I go.  So far it has been fairly dead, though I did do one activation which is always nice.  After work I have rent to pay Chad, Tragically Hip tickets to sell Chad and Future Shop to swing by.  Then sleep to get, then I wake up and seize the day.  Or fly to Vancouver and then Cuba.

Hopefully by that point I am done with being sick.  I'd been battling a cold for about a week, feeling like crap but not doing anything about it, then yesterday I felt like death was knocking on my door so I just stayed in bed until about 2.  Sadly I still had to get up and go to work for a couple of hours, and now I'm holding down the fort here all by myself.

So a week or so in sunny Cuba not drinking the local water and trying not to burn into Rasian Crisp, will be a much needed break.  Somewhere in between sleeping and sleeping my cousin Lindsey is getting married.  Age-wise she's between Neal and myself, and so it's even more disturbing to me that she's getting married than seeing Nathan or Doug wed.  At least my grandparents will have a chance to see great-grand-children because if they're waiting for either Neal or me to reproduce they could be waitin a lot longer.

I don't actually know what's planned in the pre-packaged wedding scenario.  I imagine I'll have to hang out with Sean (that's the groom's name unless I've fucked it up) and his friends or something.  I don't actually know.  I see my cousins maybe once or twice a year so I can't claim that we're particularly close.

Still it's a trip to Cuba.

"You guys are crooks!"

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