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"Dot net - it's dot com!"

I was feeling a little bummed about having to change my domain name from a .com to a .net, but I decided to look on the bright side and look at who else has .nets.  So the following little bit of Internet trainspotting should be as exciting as watching paint dry for those of you where aren't facinated by the internal workings and politics of the internet.

Oddly enough it was a former co-worker of mine Gabe who initially registered www.MatthewGood.com, thus forcing Matt Good into the .net/.org area when the Matthew Good Band broke up and he stopped using the band's website.  Gabe was a target of much Matthew Good fan chat board hate for that, though he later gave the site to Matthew Good in exchange for some merch.  The .com link doesn't actually go to anything, so who knows who owns it now.

It's odd that Wil Wheaton's name was already taken since he started his webpage really very early, much before celeb webpages were popular.  Not only that his recent re-admitance into the popular culture lexicon has mainly been on the back of his site.  So at some point in the early wild, wild west days of the internet someone had to have decided to register what... every name of every regular from Star Trek.  Sadly it also means that someone owns www.jonathanfrakes.com, which means I have to search for another url for my hit rock band The Jonathan Frakes Calander Year.

Actually that's pretty much all I have for now.  So yeah, long live the Jonathan Frakes Calander Year.  Rock, rock on.

The French INXS

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