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The ice age is coming / the sun zooming in

After a wait, some fiddling with web stuff and having to listen to Sean deal with an angry British man who didn't pay his bill on time, jefferysimpson.net is now active.  So if you type that into your URL bar at the top of your browser you'll wind up right back here, which will be exciting.  I've got the domain name until sometime in 2007, and by that time I hope to have the my name registered in .com as well. 

Meanwhile work is going.  Sigh.  Ray, the regional manager, is upset with us because last November we had 70 activations and this month we're only at about 25.  We'll be in the 30s by the end of the month unless something great/tragic happens.  I'm not too bothered about it, though the extra stress from him being upset about it isn't what I was looking forward to.  The fact is last year we had two staff who'd worked for us for well over 6 months (Pat and Gabe) and myself.  Not only that we we've been closed for about a week this month for renovations, and I think any activations Neal did during the two days he worked here probably went under his store's account.  So all in all, whatever.

I'm a bit worried about myself.  Besides being closed a few days, I was away for a week.  So my next month's paycheck is going to be a lot less than this month's paycheck.  Which means I'll probably hold off buying that iMac G5 that I've been eyeing on www.Apple.ca.

Anyway I'd best return to work.  Cass has been putting his back into it cleaning out the backroom, and so I feel like I should get doing something.  I also have a Phoenix meeting tonight, which makes me want to go... grrrr.... or just skip.

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