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EPP Flyers

I'm trying to make EPP flyers at work, using these templates that Rogers sent us.  However the printer keeps melting the paper that I'm trying to print on.  So the office smells like burning plastic, and the printer keeps getting all gummed up.  I keep having to let the printer sit and cool.  There is a deadline of Monday to do this and since I'll be off on Monday and I'm alone on Saturday I'll have to get it done today.

I've also got a headache.  And I still have a Phoenix meeting.  Oh and I've got to find out if there's anyway I can pass my History course that I am taking (in the hypothetical sense anyway) by correspondence since I've yet to do any of the four projects.

At least my iPod is kicking out some Magnetic Fields.

True, I'd give my right arm
To keep you safe from harm
And true, for you, I'd move to Ecuador
And I'd keep a little farm
Chop wood to keep you warm
But I don't really love you anymore

I don't have to love you now if I don't wish to
I won't see you anyhow if that's an issue
Because I am a gentleman
Think of me as just your fan
Who remembers every dress you ever wore.
Just the bad comedian
Your new boyfriend's better than
'Cos I don't really love you anymore.

Add to all this it's grey as anything outside, and I'm starting to feel like I'm living in Sweden or something where they don't have sun for the most part of year.  I think it's Sweden, it might be Holland.  Either way, I wish it would just get it over with and snow like it's been threatening for the past week.

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