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On October 20th Vote Jeffery Simpson for White Rock City Council.


I registered the domain name www.jefferysimpson.net, since www.jefferysimpson.com seems to be lost in the murky mists of the internet.  Will it ever return?  Damn if I know, it should have expired two months ago which would have allowed me to transfer it to another company.  However the first company I registered it with seems to be holding onto it.  Perhaps a giant Jeffery Simpson fansite is in the works.

Either way once I get all the complex internet stuff figured out jefferysimpson.net should be working like the the old .com address used to.  It might be later today or tomorrow though before it's live. 

Apparrently there's a special editon of How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb that's a on Amazon and at the local A&B Sound.  Which serves me right for going to Future Shop for it.  Still it's like $42 on Amazon and if I'm going to be buying The Complete U2 off of the iTunes Music Store when it opens in Canada (next week hopefully) then I'll be getting the extra bonus tracks from there.  Also there's a fairly complete review of the album here, though read mine first because I'm right(er).

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