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VP Fight

The Vice-Presidential Debate is tonight, so that gives me something to watch after work. Just have to pick up a little food, maybe even do some cooking and watch. Good times, fun robot.

Here is another daily quote from the Guardian that very nicely says something that I agree with.

The first Bush grasped that in wars to come, the US would need ad hoc coalitions to share the military burden and financial cost. Taking Baghdad would have violated the UN resolution that gave legitimacy to the first Gulf war, as well as creating a nightmare of "Lebanonisation", as secretary of state James Baker called it. Realism prevailed; Saddam's power was subdued and drastically reduced. It was the greatest accomplishment of the first President Bush.

When he honoured the UN resolution, the credibility of the US in the region was enormously enhanced, enabling serious movement on the Middle East peace process. Now this President Bush has undone the foundation of his father's work, which was built upon by President Clinton.

PWRCUP Keynote!

GWB vs. JK