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Wizard spending spree: the tale of the dorkside


So last night I went and spent some money at the Wizard website. I bought a signed copy of Astonishing X-Men #2, as well as a very cool Jim Lee Cyclops statue and a very cool Kitty Pryde statue. All of which make me the dorkiest person you've ever met, I am sure.

Still I was feeling flush with cash after cashing in my first Phoenix check of the year and after doing about 7 grand in sales at the cellular retail store. Which equals quite a bit of money. The comic will come pretty quick, but the statues aren't out yet. The Cyclops one will be released about December and the Kitty Pryde one will be out in March. So I've got some waiting to do.

I'm still looking at / trying to justify, a G5 iMac. They're so sweet, oh so sweet.


In other news the Phoenix A&E section looks hot once again. I only had one page of colour to work with so I used it for a review of Joss Wheadon's first six issues of Astonishing X-Men which are hot as hell. I also mentioned that Wheadon would be a good candidate to take over the X-Men films and apparently that's actual buzz and not just me blowing smoke. Which would be cool, since I think Fox needs a name to keep it so the actors stick with the project.

Now I'm getting peckish and thinking fondly about the people at Boston Pizza next door. Perhaps if I gave them money they would make me food. That would be an ideal situation, I should telephone them and see if they would do that for me.

Hmmm Great White North pizza.

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