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That world

Fun fact: # 343

Google currently lists this site as the number two most authoritative site on "history tacos". Now whether this means I have somehow offered a complete history of tacos, or whether it means that there is such a product as a history taco and I have been talking about it, I do not know.


I want to live in the world some people seem to live in where cell phones never have static and that if anything ever fails to work properly you should come down to where you bought it, or even a store that has nothing at all to do with the one you bought your product from, and complain.

The problem with the cellular industry is that it markets itself as being as foolproof as any standard utility. The trouble is it isn't. Aside from the fact that the user experiance on a cell is determined by the network strenght in that area, it also is affected by customers screwing up their own phones, the other person's phone and all sorts of random stuff. (I've had way more conversations that included the sentance, "Well maybe having your dog chew off your phone's antenna has something to do with you missing calls", than I had ever thought I would have in my life).

The catalouge from Victoria's Secret

...and in the evening she's a singer with the band.