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The thing with birthdays is that once you hit a certain age they start to become less and less satisfying. I'm not sure what that age is specifically, but it is probably 20 or 21. The reason is that as children we're taught that ones birthday is your day. Even if you have school that day the other class mates might sing you "Happy Birthday" (and break all sorts of copyright laws doing so), or as in some classes I've been in, you might even have a cake at school.

Then after school, or a few days later on the weekend, all your friends come over (even the ones you only see once in awhile because they live in Vancouver as opposed to White Rock) and you get toys and eat cake and play video games. Or you have a sleep over, which is the height of cool at a certain age, when you stay up all night and do pretty much more of what you've done all day.

Then when you hit high school the rush is that all of a sudden you have adult parties (this is of course assuming adult parties consist of listening to Dance Mix '92 in Chris Sullivan's basement while fretting that you can't get a girl to kiss you). Plus you have the added joy of getting additional liberties. While when you got a year old before you might get to stay up a bit later (in my family we got an extra half an hour of precious evening television watching for each year we were alive). But in high school you can start driving, you can start voting and you can start drinking. Okay so I think perhaps voting wasn't what excited most people but I enjoyed voting for Greg Weston, Jeff's brother, who ran for mayor as an anarchist punk.

Recenlty though birthdays just don't have much allure. It sucks to have to work all day, because at work none of the customers feel like treating you like it's your special day. Nobody comes in and says, "Hey you know what I was going to yell at you for something that happened to me at a Rogers store in Winnipeg but I can see it's your birthday so just keep on trucking man."

It was fun though. I bought myself a Transformer (Jazz the one pictured), to capture the joy of getting Transformers from when I was 10, and I bought Trivia Pursuit: Pop Culture which we played at my party. I won, which was a nice change. It is also quite nice to have a Trivia Pursuit aside from the Disney Edition which I got in like 1987. Having modern questions makes the game much easier.

...and in the evening she's a singer with the band.

So old