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more lab work / on the Atkins with Jack Black

Okay so as my previous post mentioned I’m in my Computer Science lab. I learnt how to send an email, though doing it on a PC as opposed to a Mac was a bit of a pain. Anyway aside from aesthetic preferences I spent longer trying to make sure that all that was required of me was really to send an email with an attachment. It was it, so well… hey credit.

This is so much better than geography.

Because we’re on PCs I can’t use my iPod to back up the work and so I had to buy this USB memory thing to save all the lab work. This was under the assumption that some of the lab work won’t be quite this simple.

What else? For the last week I’ve been on the Atkins diet. I started off not doing it right, since I sent an hour on the website and then decided that I knew all that I needed to. According to Chad who had much success on it, you can’t have ketchup. So the first two days were a wash. Then the next day I had one of those Subway Atkins wraps that I’ve been seeing on the television. The catch was that after I ordered it I noticed the small print that said that it wasn’t for use on the Induction phase of the diet.

The Induction phase being the bit where all you eat is meat and eggs and protein. So really I’ve only been on the diet for about a day now. Well, except that yesterday I had about 25% of a carrot (bad bad) and a piece of gum without thinking. So even this diet which everyone and their dog seems to be having success at I’m sucking at.

The other problem is that I’ve got no scale, so I didn’t weigh myself at the start of the diet, and I haven’t weighed myself since. So I don’t know if it’s working, and I won’t until I notice obvious physical changes.

I am a terrible dieter.

Chris’s boyfriend Sergio sent me an email about the diet, since he was quite sad that I was on it. I assume it’s a bunch of health info saying that Dr. Atkins was evil and anyone on the diet will surely die but I can’t open the file. I’m not going to tell him I can’t open it.

Now though after all that I’m on track. I’ve been eating hard boiled eggs, steak, chicken and this morning four Sausage McMuffin patties.

Jack Black is on the Atkins diet too. Just thought you might like to know. Anyway I’m going to see if I can bail from this fun. I learnt this stuff back when I learned HyperScript and was making neat/useless HyperCard stacks for the peoples.

Oh and I have to say my blog looks hot on this high quality PC monitor. It's the being large that is key, as opposed to my 12" Powerbook screen this is 17" of glory.

more lab work / on the Atkins with Jack Black

the Mini iPods arrive