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the Mini iPods arrive

Apple - iPod - iPod mini

I'm sure you've already heard about the new Mini iPods. From the comments on the iPodlounge forums you'd have thunk Steve Jobs spent the day raping peoples mothers. Granted they're not as cheap and cost effective as people had been hoping for but they're still head and shoulders above the competition in the same price category.

It looks like it combines all the iPod goodness in a smaller package for a chunk of change less. Sure for $55 bucks American you can get the 15 gig iPod and get 11 extra gigs, but the thing is that prices it out of some peoples range. I think a lot of people are going to look at the Mini iPods and think, "Well that's more than I wanted to spend but it's very cool and it's four gigs as compared with a few hundred megabytes with the flash media cards.

Nathan asked if I was going to be getting one. I won't be since I'm happy with my 30 gig 3rd Generation iPod. I think they're neat and if I was back in high school saving up for one I'd get one. Remember that I spent much more than that for my 5 gig iPod when they first hit the streets.

Who should get one when they hit Canada? Anyone who wants an iPod who just doesn't think they need 15 gigs worth of music. I firmly believe that everyone who likes music should own an iPod. There is no better way to carry such a large amount of tunes with you. (Oh sure there are imitators but for ease of use, features and style the iPod leaves them in the dust).

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