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First off you may have noticed that I've been fiddling with the site for the past little while. I redid the top banner, but it seems to not show up on some computer, which is something I'm going to have to check into. I've added a field so you can Google search the page for words like "sex", hard core" and my favorite ever incoming Google search "Dutch Football team naked".

Today was the first day back at school. I had Computers in Society which will prove to be the best class ever, since I think what I'm going to learn will be how to use Word and Powerpoint. I spent part of the class explaining that the Mac OS was a UNIX based operating system, and that Apple was the largest manufacturer of UNIX based computers.

I am oh so cool.

I spent the rest of the day finishing off the Phoenix. Right on our deadline too. Well actually we all agreed we'd have it done before the deadline so we could have it on the stands for the first day of school, but then we all drank egg nog and got fat and lazy so now it'll be out for the third day of school.

What we're having to figure out now is how we're going to do an issue while Tyler Leskie, Peter Jones and myself are off at the Canadian University Press National Conference in St. John's for a week. My thought is that we could just do the issue next week, and have it in the can for while we're away.

We'll see what the rest of them say.

Tomorrow is an early class (10 am) for the History of the Hapsburg Monarchy followed fairly shortly by my Medieval Europe course. I'm wait-listed for both but I definitely will squeeze into the Hapsburg class with Williams as the prof, and hopefully fight my way into the Med. Euro. one based on the fact that I really really need it to graduate.

That's it for me. Take care.

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