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The Denny's At the End of the 90s'

Karen and Michelle eventually did phone last night. I directed them to my parent's house that I'm house-sitting and showed them around. Then at loss for how to properly locate excitment on a Friday night in Kelowna we went to Denny's where we were too late to catch the pre-bar crowd but too early for the post-bar crowd. So it was just us and the serving staff.

We had teas, hot & cold, and gossiped about people we knew from high school. We delighted in their poor life choices. A baby? With him. Oh that's going to end badly. It was just like old times, the girls and their asexual guy friend. To borrow a phrase from Cass, I do tend to cast a gay shadow. Which generally means I get ropped into activites for the girls.

It was the perfect way to re-livehigh school, because that's how it was. There in an empty Denny's with the two girls I had a crush on in high school drinking tea until late on a Friday night. Karen is married now, and Michelle is Michelle. Which unless you've hung out with the two of us together you're never going to fully grasp what that means.

They may call tonight. If not I probably won't see Karen again for years, and Michelle at least not until April/May when I head back to Toronto for the C+ board meeting.

After we finished I went home and watched Nard Wars on the television. It was a collection of interivews that Nardwuar has done over the past few years. While getting the URL for this link here I found a great interview between Nardwuar and Elijah Wood who is from that Lord of the Rings movie we all hear so much about.

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The Denny's At the End of the 90s'