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a gun and a packet of sandwhiches

There was drinking last night, though not in a volume that would lead to next day regret. There is Chris Wilson-Smith, he wants into the tech lab to use the computers. Little does he know that it is locked. Now he knows that it is locked. I laugh at his Airport Wi-Fi less existence.

The rest of the day, before the drinking was noteworthy for a few reasons.

The first was that we got to take a bit of time off and go out and see St. John's. Todd, Peter and I went around the downtown area checking out the sites.

We went to a comic book store where as per Jeffrey Weston's recommendation I bought Johnny the Homicidal Maniac trade paperback.

It is violent.

I also picked up all the Todd McFarlane Vancouver Canucks figures for Delme, which are going to be a pain to lug back to Kelowna.

It snowed, and it blew wind.

Some guy on the street asked Todd Leskie for the time, and Todd thought he asked for money, so Todd gave him a dollar. The man was suitably shocked.

We ate at a restaurant in a nearby hotel. It had cheap and good muscles. The rest was a bit pricey.

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