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So I'm on safety duty tonight. Which means I wear a brightly coloured shirt, stay sober and help people be quiet in a hotel. Normally it's just wandering the hotel halls telling CUP delegates to be quiet so we don't get noise complaints.

This evening has been a bit more dramatic because one delegate got hit by a taxi cab on her way to the evening's bar. The ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital, and there was briefly some worry that she had broken her leg but it sounds like everything is okay now.

But it was a bit of excitement. It's also interesting to see how people react to this. The safety team was in the hotel's lobby when we got a call on our walkie-talkies about it. By that time all the important people knew and the ambulance was already there, so our role was rather limited. But everyone else seemed to stress out considerably.

My view was that there was nothing that we could do other than have her medical information that she submitted (Medi-plan ID # / emergency contact # etc.) ready and wait until we knew more.

Other than that it's been mellow. Most people are out at the kitchen party, which apparently is rocking hard. I wish I could have gone, for that would have been very cool. I probably would have managed to move my safety shift over there had the accident not happened.

Which seems very callous to say. I could have gone to the bar if the girl had not gotten hit by the car.

Anyway tomorrow some sleep, some commission work and then some drinking. Perhaps.

Oh and I had the fisherman's platter for supper. It was large but pretty good.

a gun and a packet of sandwhiches

Kiss a cod? No thanks.