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Guardian Unlimited

I hate it when people use ridiculous spelling to make their entries look artistic. I use lower case letters in my signature sometimes, which really shames me. But I never write stuff like:


l i ke


zz a.

Because, let's face it that's lame.

What is the tale so far? Well I seem to now have somehow hooked into a free Wi-Fi network in my hotel room, as long as I sit in a corner. It's a different network, so I'm not sure what's going on at all. But since it's free I'm not going to raise a stink about it.

It also works so much better than the hotel's service which I had to pay for.

In Phoenix news, which I realize I didn't update in my last entry, we got . They're way to bright, but they're not bad in every other aspect.

We got the issue out with little to no success. I had made it clear to all who would listen that since I was leaving on Monday everything had to be done on Sunday. On Monday stuff still hadn't been done. So I finished up the layout just before I had to rush home to pack (which I had not done assuming the paper would take 3 hours instead of say 8) and get to the airport.

The other factor was that I don't know how Cheryl networks the computers to transfer ads, so when I went collect for output none of the ads showed up. Why she didn't move them over before, I don't know. So anyway since nobody knows the G3's password we were fucked. So I didn't have time to finish and had to walk Todd through the process. I was on my cell in Newfoundland and he was in Kelowna.

I ended up figuring out that we could use the old ZIP discs to transfer the files manually, though he had to make one file a PDF and then a .tiff to do so. It was no fun.

And it probably cost a load of long distance.

Well not too much.

But when added onto the $2,000+ that the student association owes me. It's getting to be ridiculous. Hopefully this demonstrates the need for a) new computers and b) me. Because if OUCSA-K realizes that without me things fall apart maybe they'll pay me the money they owe me so I'll stick around for the rest of the year.

But it's encouraging that Todd, with Peter's help I think, can figure it out.

So the next issue is terrible. To fill space I just kept plunking Jeff Weston's cartoons in there. It was... tragic.

So now on with the conference. I'll post about that later I suppose. I'll just note that while I was looking for the old pretty looking Phoenix website built way back by Rob Butz, I found this blog from a Vernon student who wrote a letter to the paper before the winter break. It was a good letter, but we forgot to run it when we got back.

Anyway the free Wi-Fi which was working so well for hours has just started to act up. So I'll post this and escape.

the worst

Crappy Wi-Fi and $4.60 bowls of cereal