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Crappy Wi-Fi and $4.60 bowls of cereal

I'm at the Fairmont Hotel in St. John's Newfoundland. For a Canadian

University Press (CUP) conference, sure to be a time to find Wi-Fi and

easy access to Internet, this has been a bit of a car crash in terms of

being able to get online.

The hotel is charging the conference per connection (at $15 a day) and

so they're only getting 6 or so. Once the full contingent, especially

the always Powerbook laden Gateway arrives, the one line for

laptop use will not be enough.

I purchased $15 worth of the hotel Wi-Fi last night. That gives me 24

full hours of crappy unreliable Internet. The main joy of it is that

every third page I load turns out to be the hotel's initial connect

page, welcoming me back to the hotel's Internet access.

Sigh. The Telus hotstop in Vancouver airport worked so much better.

As for the conference not much has happened. It's mainly been us CUP

staff stressing out about how little time is available for the


Meanwhile I'm getting hungry. I had a bowl of cereal (costing $4.60)

this morning, but may seek additional nutrition. Tons of delegates are

starting to arrive, which means they need to be registered. So it

looks like they may want me to help out, so it's time to scram.

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