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iTunes vs. Atkins diet / battle for the future

The iTunes gift certificate that Jeff bought for me (in exchange for monies) arrived yesterday. I lied to Apple and told them that I lived in the US. I needed a US ZIP Code so I choose to be from Beverly Hills (90210) which is the only American ZIP code I know off by heart.

I burned through the $60 in one day, though that let me back the songs up to DVD so if my hard drive crashes I won't lose them.

As for the Atkins diet I haven't noticed myself losing any weight. But my pee is scoring higher on the pee sticks. You know... the ones that let me check the midi-chlorite level of my urine. If I score high enough I start to lose weight. If I score real high Liam Nesson arrives and makes me enter a pod race.

I'd like to start loosing weight though so I can get off the induction phase of the Atkins diet, because that's when I can start eating the Aktins approved low-carb food like the Subway wraps and the 7-11 foods. But I'll have to go back onto the induction phase once I return from Newfoundland since I'll probably be carbing out big time.

Not much else to report. I'm hungry I need to eat a gopher.

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