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So what does all this mean for me? I don't know, other than I'd better get my article done and start getting new articles lined up. It also probably puts the kibosh on any notion that I had that I could trick them into hiring me on as an editor if a post ever opened up.

Videogames: IGN and GameSpy Announce Merger Agreement

IGN and GameSpy Announce Merger Agreement

Combination will create the web's largest network of gaming destination sites.

December 04, 2003 - No, it's not April Fool's Day. To quote the Simpsons: "I had a big company, and he had a big company, and now we have a very big company."

Former rivals IGN Entertainment and GameSpy Industries have kissed and made up and have signed a definitive merger agreement creating the Web's largest network of destination sites for gamers. Both brands will remain separate entities.

The combination will create the Internet's largest gaming audience and its highest traffic PC and console game content network with 673 million page views per month (IGN/GameSpy internal logs). According to third-party auditor comScore NetScore data, IGN and GameSpy attract more than 22 million unduplicated unique visitors per month worldwide, and they rank number one in unduplicated U.S. audience reach with both comScore Media Metrix and Nielsen//NetRatings in the gaming information category.

"This combination offers tremendous synergies as GameSpy and IGN have very complementary strengths," said Mark Jung, IGN's CEO and CEO of the new, combined company. "GameSpy is the market leader with the PC game audience, game downloads and online gaming technology. IGN is the market leader with the console game audience and in community services such as message boards."

"Combining IGN and GameSpy will create value for both our audience and our clients," said Mark Surfas, founder and chairman of GameSpy, who will serve as the Chief Strategy Officer and will join the other Mark on the Board of Directors. "For the gamer, this merger will provide the broadest array of information, services and content choices. For game publishers and advertisers, it creates a platform with the widest reach and the deepest set of marketing tools to target gamers and young men in general."

What does this mean to you, the faithful IGN (and/or GameSpy) reader? You won't see much change to the sites and services you love. Although we will definitely pool our resources to make improvements to both networks in the future, it will be business as usual for our games and entertainment sites.

The companies expect to complete the merger in the first half of 2004.

I speak on behalf of the whole IGN editorial team when I say that we're very excited about the merger and the opportunities that it will open up. We're looking forward to your feedback on this development.

And if you haven't checked out GameSpy yet, give them a look. I'm confident you'll like what you see.


Peer Schneider, IGN Network Director

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