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vodka vs. the music

The trouble with drinking for the sake of drinking is that you tend to end up with the most foul drinks. Like some kind of booze hound McGuyver you have to use what's on hand, and it ain't always pretty.

Take last night for instance. I was dead set on having at least one drink, hoping that it would ease my headache and feel like I was celebrating the completion of my most difficult essay this semester.

So what materials did I have on hand for this alcoholic jury-rigging? Vodka, amaretto and diet Coke. I made the valiant decision to leave the amaretto alone since it can be used in more appealing drinks and just finish off my bottle of vanilla vodka. I also used one can of diet Coke.

The drink turned out pretty strong, and within about 10 minutes I was pleasently drunk. I actually went to bed just as the effects were hitting me so for most of the night I dreamt about being drunk, which was actually far more fun that I would have thought.

Now this and yesterday's post about drinking might lead you to think that I'm some sort of booze fiend. I assure you that I'm not. I only drink alone.


Today the plan is to go to the library and read an essay for the purpose of writing a three page essay on that essay. After that I'll move into my new house so I can actually live in the place that I'm paying rent, and if I have time go to the gym.

I really feel I need to. For the past month I've basically sat in front of this computer writing essays and eating total crap. So it's time to cut back on the slim-jims and get back in some reasonable sort of shape.

As to this blog, I did up a custom banner which you should notice at the top of the page here. I had trouble with getting the red to match TypePad's red so I changed the banner background on TypePad to the blue so the difference was not obvious.

I think it looks pretty snazzy.

Plus I got the QuickPost bookmarklet to work. So now it's a lot less hassle to post here. Still not as easy as using iJournal with my old uJournal blog since I have to format my own link HTML, but I actually run iJournal and use it just to do that so it's not too much trouble.

And I'm gone.

vodka vs. the music

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