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the world's evil gamers

Ah remember when we weren't at war? Huh, remember that? Remember how we were all so worried that old Saddam would attack us with weapons of mass destructions and Playstations?

Well we haven't found any WoMD, but have we found Playstations? The media seems to be keeping that from us. However if Saddamm had been able to build some sort of robotic weapon of mass destruction then he must have hid it when the Americans showed up.

Maybe that's where Saddam is. Hiding in a cave with Osama playing Grand Theft Auto 3. I can see it now, a stolen car slows down near a hooker. She gets in, and the car parks in a remote location for some shock and awe, ya' dig. Anyway after his health is refilled Saddam lets her out of the car, but quickly gets out and beats her to death so he can get his money back.

Oh except that Saddam and Osama don't like each other at all. So maybe they're using XBox live, and they're playing that Tom Clancy anti-terrorist game together. The joke is Saddam doesn't know that Splunking Daddy is actually Osama and Osama doesn't realize that Sad_28 is Saddam.

Oh what a funny world we live in.

In other news the current cost of the war in Iraq is $88,243,780,999 and going up.

put a quarter in the slot

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