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mice fighters

I'm moving in now. Or rather I was. Then I felt the need to check my email, and that brought up a tangent where I've now spend about an hour and a half fucking about with the Internet.

Part of the problems was getting my Airport Extreme Basestation working. That's now solved, though Chad's PC isn't going on the net now so something's wrong. I'll figure it out eventually.

I've also started a house blog for the three of us to use. It's called Mice Fighters which is due to the fact that we're waging a war against mice. I found two in my bedroom when I got in today, one was busy pooping in my bed clothes.

Other than that I have done nothing on the essay today, and I probably won't. I'm trying to get my room live worthy, but I may not finish today. One problem is I have no clothes hanging space and another is that I have no shower curtain rod.

Anyway I should get back to fucking about with PC router nonsense.

Apple - Support - AirPort

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