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no one will ever love you for your honesty

It's been a busy day, though in all honesty I didn't do much. I punctured my tire and so I had to finally stop putting off putting my winters on. I knew it was going to puncture too. I was driving around in the backyard trying to get a good angel to take the driveway at and I thought to myself, "Boy I hope that all that scrap metal is in that pile. If there's anything not in that pile then it'll give me a flat."

What do you know? Sigh. This means that it's going to mean I'll have to buy two new tires in the spring.

I also started an online magazine. Okay so it's just another blog, but it's not for the personal sort of daily stuff that goes here. It's for articles I write and I've invited a few old Phoenix peoples to write as well. No money, just to create something.

Hopefully they won't turn me down. And hopefully they won't vote me off the island.

I also worked two jobs. The theatre in the evening was... like watching the Cosby Show you thought it was better than it was. Plus like watching the Cosby Show it's not a great way to make money.

I leave you now. For sleep, that cruel mistress. And for having to get up and work Christmas Eve.

I'll be crossing my fingers and hoping Championship Manager shows up in the mail then.

Enjoy a picture of a projector from the Capitol Theatre in Westbank.

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