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leaving / going / coming / arriving

I'm pretty sure Nathan's gone to the coast for Christmas already. So it's just me and Chad at the house now. We're bored but we're excited.

Over the next few days more and more people will be showing up in town. Coming back from school, jobs and lives. Ryan Corbett should be in town by now. I spoke with Chris's dad the other day and he let me know that Chris would be back by now (later confirmed in an email from said lawyer Sullivan). Ryan Pears' brother whom I saw when buying my space heater at Rona, said Ryan would be back in the next few days.

I have no idea if Jeff is coming back into town for the holidays or if he's staying hunkered infront of a computer at the Microsoft compound.

I also don't know if Vanessa is coming to Kelowna.

So the trick is to balance seeing as many of them as I can against working every day except Christmas, and seeing my family who are all together again for the first time since April or May.

Take today. I'd like to sleep for another hour, who wouldn't, but I have to shower and get head to the store. I'll use an outer fleece to disguise the fact that all my shirts are woefully wrinkly and I have to desire to iron them.

To top it off right after Christmas we've got to get onto the making of a Phoenix so it's ready in time for the first day back at university. Which is coming way too soon.

At least late January I have a Canadian University Press conference in Newfoundland. That should ease the work/school/responsibility blues.

computer vs. the music

waiting on the family