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computer vs. the music

The real excitment of today is that I jury rigged my university schedual so that I have more time to work and so I don't have to take Geography 111 as my science credit. Rather I get to take Computers in Society which is also a lab science course.

What is Computers in Society (COSC 121)? I don't know. It sounds like it could be fun, learning about how computers are magic machines that are changing our lives. More likely it'll be about how 1970s' computers are magic machines that with the help of DOS and QBASIC are saving lives, improving the economy and exploring space.


I'm going to write an essay about my iPod.


Actually Jeff Weston probably took it. I should email him pronto to find out what it's like. Here is the course description:

CoSc 122 - 3 - 5

Computers in Society

This course provides students in all disciplines with an overview of computer technology - how computers function, how they are used and implications of their use. Students will be introduced to applications software and elementary programming concepts on microcomputers.(3,2,0)

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