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party flop

The Phoenix holiday party was a bit of a flop. Of the staff only Todd showed up, so it was Todd, Tammy (his fiancee) and myself. Justin joined us for a bit but then we decided to watch a movie (25th Hour) and he left. It was not the staff bonding experience that I had hoped it would be.

And now I am tired. I also have a stock of booze to last throughout these long winter months. And I uploaded some new photographs. And fucked about with my stereo because the dofus at London Drugs sold me speaker wire that is way too large, so when I move my system and centre speaker becomes unhooked. So I had to jury rig a solution by tying four thinner wires into two. Which I'm sure is adversly affecting my sound or something.

As I said I spent a bit of time uploading some old photos of my friends. I need to get more photos, since I really only have photos of Jeff and Nathan from one night out a few years back. Part of the problem is the way iPhoto organizes and names photos when you download them from a digital camera. They're just series of numbers, so when I go to post it on this blog I have to shuffle through hundreds of crap named files.

day off

new colours