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letter from rc

I'm at work on this Saturday, the last Saturday before Christmas. It should be busy, but instead it's uber-slow. Where is everybody? The mall me thinks. Even so the cell stores at the mall all were dead yesterday when I went shopping.

I saw of the Lord of the Rings again. Next time I see it I'll bring a big remote and fast forward through the Frodo scenes. There's only so much E. Wood grimacing I can take in a week.

In other news I got a letter from Ryan Corbett which since it's short I'm pasting below.


I can't believe you got the Burton ipod jacket. Fantastic. You continue

to distance yourself from anyone I know in the race for the most toys.

Well done!

I'll be flying back to K-town on the night of the 21st, and will be there

until the morning of the 27th.

Definitely hoping we can hook it up again! Wouldn't mind seeing some of

the other old crew either, if you happen across any reunion-esque

opportunities! As always, I promptly lost your number upon returning back

to Alberta. So if you're going to be available, give me a call at


I can't believe they renamed The Library to Scholar's. Moreover, I can't

believe you were drinking there. I lived half a block from that place for

three years. Ah, we have this, and so much more to discuss.

Hopefully I'll see you soon.

Ice Cold

The best part of the letter though was the warning that came attached to the bottom of it. Since it was sent from his company account it had to make sure than anyone reading the letter was "only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain confidential and/or privileged material."

new colours

ripping music from DVDs