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The history of the 80s'

1980 - Man discovers fire

1981 - Man loses fire, but woman finds it so it’s all good.

1982 - The Berlin Wall comes down after U2 write a song about something important.

1983 - America reaches the moon in a spaceship. Everyone cheers but me.

1984 - Oscar Wilde’s fossils are found and an island of clones is created as an amusment park.

1985 - The Edmonton Oilers kick all the asses.

1987 - The Beatles breakup.

1988 - Nobody recycles anything.

1989 - The Phoenix is created.

2004 - The Phoenix holds a 80s’ themed dance at the Well. Nothing is the same again.

The Phoenix 80s’ Dance / January 10th 2004 / the Well

5 - 1 to the Gunners

Sweet I'm sleepy