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Sweet I'm sleepy

I've got a game plan for today. The plan is to hit the Phoenix early in the morning, lay the shit out of the paper. Quark it up, ya dig. Then it's on with the real work.

I'll speed across town, stopping perhaps to eat some sushi, to sell phones to people who need them. (They may not yet know they need them, but gosh darn I'll tell 'em why they need them). Then off like a flash to put this essay to bed and do the second last one.

Somewhere in there too I have to meet the plumber and the stereo guy at my parents' house. I also thought I'd like to hit the gym and maybe actually move into my house tomorrow (which now is actually today) but the fact is I just don't think I've got time.

I would really like to get there. At first it was nice to be on my own, living in my parents' empty house, but now I feel like I'm missing all the fun. Though with the essays I've had it's not like I could be swinging from celling. Rather I'd be in the cold basement sitting at a tiny desk trying to stab my brain with information icepicks.

What else?

Oh I think this TypePad is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I'm testing out the "Post Continuation" feature right now. But I've spent the time to link to all my IGN.com articles on the right there, so I think I'll be keeping it. The blog that is.

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