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lift your skinny fists to the keyboard and pay for your G4

I paid for my Powerbook today. $4,614.89 sent via my online Bank of Montréal account to MBNA Canada who lent me the money to buy this beautiful machine back in July. Which coupled with about $400 in various household bills ($312 of which was for electricity) drops me money pile down to about $3,000 though I've got a paycheck worth another grand coming in soon.

So if I work hard during the Christmas break and save some money by the time I finish up school in April I should have about 5 grand stuffed in a shoe box under the mattress of the bank president. If that's the case then I'll be good to do pretty much anything. If I decide to copy Graham, Cass and Delme and teach English in Asia I'll have money to set myself up with before I start pulling in the fat cash. If I get a job in the US I'll have some money for getting relocated. The same thing if I get a job at Bioware in Edmonton or in Vancouver with either my parents or someone else.

It'll all depend. I'll be a university graduate and therefore nearly indestrucible.

That's of course if I can get off my ass and actually graduate. I've been putting all this work off and now I've got to get it done, and got to get all this on. Sigh, it's highly frustrating.

we rule the school

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