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less than more

Today I slept in till 10:30 after staying up late watching Showgirls on Sex TV. I was in France when it was released in Canada, so I didn't know too much about it, other than its reputation of total suckiness.

A reputation I have to say is well deserved. It was like a student film gone big budget, as though the only point of the whole project had been for the director to see his high school crush's (Elizabeth Berkley) tits. You could sort of see how stupid people may have looked at the script and said, "Wow this is art. This is the sort of dramatic film that I can sink my teeth into. It'll make me a star and I'll be done with this Saved by the Bell show."

It's amazing that a movie with so much sex, nudity and such can be oh so un-erotic.

Now I've been spinning my wheels for the past two hours trying to start/avoid starting an essay I need done. I need to finish the essay so I can study for an exam that I have on Tuesday.

ice cold: cooler than being cool

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